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Trinational Studies in




  1. Four semesters of study (120 ECTS) in a life science programme
  2. or

  3. Completed BSc in a life science related programme
  4. or

  5. Two-year preparation for a French engineering school
  6. or

  7. Diplôme universitaire de technologie
  8. or

  9. Brevet de technicien supérieur en France

Certified English B2 level (e.g. through Abitur/Matura)


The decisive factors for admission are the application documents and an interview at the University of Freiburg. To apply students must demonstrate that they will complete at least four semesters or 120 ECTS points in a biological field of study. Consideration will be given also to students from the engineering or natural science fields.

Application Documents:

  • Application form
  • Resumé in tabular format
  • Copies of the high-school diploma, semester exam results, and the BSc. diploma or a certificate of upcoming graduation and accordingly the amount of ECTS points to be attained by the fall semester (transcript of records will be sufficient).


  1. Please send the completed application, postmarked by 30 June to
  2. Prof. Thomas Laux

    University of Freiburg

    Schänzlestr. 1

    79104 Freiburg

  3. If you meet the prerequisites, you will be invited by E-mail to interview in Freiburg.
  4. A few days thereafter you will receive notice whether you would be admitted.
  5. We request that you respond in writing within a week whether you accept the offer to join the programme.
  6. Thereupon, you will receive a welcome package containing the important information about the beginning of studies at the ESBS. It contains much practical aid, for example apartment searching.

Immediately before the regular classes, mandatory intensive English and French language courses will take place. The language courses commence in the first week of September. The regular lectures generally begin at the end of September.

Text translated from the original by Dr. Edwin Groot