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 Developmental Biology - Neubüser lab - Open jobs
 PhD Studentships and Postdoctoral Fellowships are available for research on:

1. The function of FGF signaling during craniofacial development. FGF signaling is essential for normal development of the vertebrate face. In a screen for genes induced in the facial region in response to FGF we have identified more than 50 FGF-responsive genes. Positions are available to participate in the functional characterization of these genes using cellular assays, retrovirus and electroporation mediated over- and mis-expression experiments in the chick, and eventually the generation of knock-out and transgenic mice.

2. Mediolateral patterning of the olfactory placode and specification of Gonadotropin releasing hormone producing neurons

3. The function of canonical Wnt signaling during craniofacial and placodal development. This project involves the characterization of knock out mice with a conditional inactivation of bCatenin in cranial placodes and forebrain (already available!), complemented by gain of function studies.

Candidates for PhD Studentships (salary level BAT IIa/2) should posses, or be about to obtain, a Diploma or masters degree in Biology, Biochemistry or similar. Successful candidates may enroll in the Freiburg University graduate program Biology.

Candidates for Postdoctoral Fellowships (salary level BAT IIa) should have, or be about to obtain, a PhD (or equivalent, e.g. Dr.rer.nat) in life/biological sciences. Candidates with some background in molecular biology will be preferred.

Please send all applications (including: CV, bibliography, research interests, photocopies of degree certificates and names & addresses of two to three references) per email / Fax/ or mail to :
Prof. Dr. Annette Neubüser

Hauptstrasse 1
D-79104 Freiburg
Phone: ++49 / 761 / 203 - 2917
(secretary: ++49-761 203-2588)
Fax: ++49-761 203-2597

Interessenten für Grosspraktika und Diplomarbeiten, sowie für die Mitarbeit an Forschungsprojekten als Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft sind immer willkommen.
Bitte melden Sie sich direkt bei:
Annette Neubüser, Raum 2035, Bio1,

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